Daisy Deuce

Are You Afraid That Your Passive Fresh Air Radon Mitigation System Will Cause High Humidity and Mold Like It Has Done In So Many Other Cases?

Passive Fresh Air Systems have a reputation for creating high humidity and new mold problems in hot, humid climates. The Daisy Deuce Passive Ventilation Radon Retrofit Doesn’t.

Are You Agonizing Over Passive Fresh Air Systems That Don't Reduce Radon?

RADON? Passive fresh air systems are supposed to solve radon problems. Are you asking yourself, ” Why won’t our passive fresh air systems make radon go away?” The Daisy Deuce Passive Ventilation Radon Retrofit Mitigates Radon, Beautifully.

Can't Find an Expert Who Can Make Your Passive Ventilation Systems Reduce Radon?

A Daisy Deuce Retrofit canĀ  make your Passive Ventilation System do exactly what you want. You can thank SmartVentilation, Inc. R&D for the Brand New Daisy Deuce. SmartVentilation’s Daisy Deuce Passive Ventilation Radon Retrofit Mitigates Radon Without Creating Humidity and Mold Risks and Without Adding a Dehumidifier.

When Will The Daisy Deuce Be Available?

The Daisy Deuce is in production and available for immediate installation. Details will be available to customers immediately upon their execution of Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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