Radon Mitigation Plug 'N Play Simplified 

Fresh Air Supply Stub Located in Air Handler Closet

Daisy Deuce MERV 13 Filter 12-18 Months Service

  • The USEPA Recommends all Fresh Air be filtered by a MERV 13 filter
  • ASHRAE Recommended that all air intake filters be serviceable from Indoors.
  • So we developed the Daisy Deuce

Exchanging a Daisy Deuce Filter In 30 Seconds


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MERV 14-15 Filter – Equivalent to an N-95 face mask for your whole home

“My radon system has been operating for over a year. My system included a radon meter. Radon reduction was from over 10 down to 2.5. I have no humidity problems. I do not find any increase in my utility bills since the system was installed.” My filter had turned black after 12 months. I washed it in the dishwasher and reinstalled it. Radon did not rise above 2.5

Don S- Fort Myers

Filter System Maintenance Takes Only Five Minutes Once Every 18 of So Months.

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  1. Adjustable Radon Level
  2. Easy, Infrequent Filter Service
  3. Mold Prevention

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