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Radon Mitigation Plug 'N Play Simplified 

Fresh Air Supply Stub Located in Air Handler Closet

Daisy Deuce MERV 13 Filter 12-18 Months Service

  • The USEPA Recommends all Fresh Air be filtered by a MERV 13 filter
  • ASHRAE Recommended that all air intake filters be serviceable from Indoors.
  • So we developed the Daisy Deuce

Exchanging a Daisy Deuce Filter In 30 Seconds

We are Building Scientists

What does that mean?

It means that we are curious about how buildings work. We seek to identify and to find answers to problems involving building durability, occupant health and comfort and energy efficiency.

It means that we have acquired an array of instruments to measure building performance and to gain insights into building anomalies like toxic health risks to occupants, unintentional air flows, positive and negative pressurization, moisture transport systems, moisture permeability, mold, insulation, air conditioner and dehumidifier performance failures, building rot, just to name a few.

It means that we seek to find the BEST WAYS to preserve occupant good health and building durability

We have acquired an array of instruments which we have developed skill in using and in finding helpful knowledge in our pursuit of the best occupant health and building durability solutions

We have acquired a library of books and articles written by building and health science experts that we have studied in our pursuit of the best occupant health and building durability solutions


  1. Adjustable Radon Level
  2. Easy, Infrequent Filter Service
  3. Mold Prevention

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