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Radon Mitigation, Quick

Radon Mitigation for Homeowners, Lenders, Apartments, ACLFs, Condos - Affordable

Why Choose NEW Radon Mitigation 2.0 from RadonRESSQ, LLC?

  1. Your will know your radon level 24/7/365 with the Digital Radon Meter we supply.  It will sound an immediate, audible alarm if your system fails. What is a warranty worth if you don’t know your system has failed?
  2. Your Family’s Health will improve. A MERV 14-15 Air Filter will remove pollen, mold spores, PM2.5, viruses, bacteria, red tide and blue-green algae neurotoxins, soot, dust, smoke.
  3. Your Home will stay dry and mold-free. Our Robotic Humidity Control System will keep your home dry to avoid the need to add a costly dehumidifier later
  4. You will be able to adjust your radon level with a jeweler’s screwdriver
  5. You will know how hard your radon system is working with the Digital Performance Meter 

Includes Premium Daisy Ductless Auto-Pilot Features but costs no more.

  1. Reliably provides a super-clean air environment for your family members to keep them healthy and happy
  2. Permit exempt (no costs or delays associated with permit applications, approval, or inspections)
  3. Installed from indoors on any floor with the Blue Boar rig.
  4. All work focuses on one single square foot of exterior wall space and is completed without any restoration whatsoever, not touchup paint or even dusting.
  5. No soffit/drywall construction, crown molding or cabinet disturbance, no drywall restoration, little noise (except for about 8 minutes of drilling)
  6. In and out the door in two hours or less

A Helpful Video For Home Purchasers in Florida’s Hot, Humid Climate (two minutes)

An helpful video for multifamily property owners and lenders (two minutes)

An Introduction to SmartVentilation, Inc. Technology, R&D, and Products (a web)

The Daisy Ductless Ventilator Module - Plug 'n Play Simplicity, Fits Entirely Within the Wall

Quick, No Delay Radon Mitigation

Permit-Exempt Technology Engineered and PROVEN to Be Exempt From Permitting In Every Case

  • Permit-Exempt Technology allow us to perform and to  complete radon mitigation almost immediately after payment of the deposit by PayPal

Immediate Post-Mitigation System Fine-Tuning and Clearance Testing

  • RadonRESSQ Immediately Orders and Pays for Radon Mitigation Clearance Testing by Certified, Arm’s Length, Third Party Tester to Avoid Even The  Appearance of Conflict of Interest
  • Only if necessary, and taking no more than five minutes, RadonRESSQ Returns, Inspects, and Fine Tunes Radon System to Provide Assurance of Radon Reduction, and Proper Indoor Relative Humidity Limit Performance For Mold Prevention

Quick Affordable Installation with Special Tools Developed by SmartVentilation Scientists

  • Completion in Two Hours or Less, In and Out the Door with NO Return for Anything Except for System Fine-Tuning
  • SmartVentilation’s Blue Boar Rig Bores the Fresh Air Port From Indoors ON ANY FLOOR or From Outdoors (Vacuum Attachment) With Ultra-Accurate Line-Bore Precision
  • Air-Cooled Diamond Bit Cuttings are Captured by Perfected Cyclonic Particle Separator / Vac system for NO DUST RELEASE, No Risk of Water Cooling Leaks / Mess
  • Ductless Means No Disturbance To Wall Coverings, Crown Moldings, Cabinet Relocation, and No Construction of New Soffits
  • No Construction, No Cleanup, No Restoration, Not Even Paint Touchup

Quick, Plug ‘N Play, AutoPilot Components / Installation

  • All Parts are Delivered to Job-Site Ready for Rapid Plug ‘N Play Installation
  • Replacement Plug ‘N Play Parts Are Readily Available Online at
  • Engineered For Easy Plug ‘N Play Replacement By Any Handy Person, Teenagers to Grammas

Quick Service, Unmatched, Long Life Filtration

  • Surpass Recent USEPA recommendation of MERV 13 filtration of Fresh Air.
  •  SmartVentilation, Inc.  Factory-MadeType III Filter Cartridges Are Made Of MERV 14-15 Filter Material.
  • Comparable to Filtration Effectiveness of N-95 Face Mask.
  • Filters May Be Serviced From Indoors as Required By ASHRAE Standard 62.2-2019.
  • Maintenance Folks Love The Convenient Ease Of Service From Indoors or Outdoors
  • Service Life 18-24 Months in Most Cases
  • During Service, Type III Filters Will become Radioactive and Turn Black From Capture of PM2.5 Carrying Toxic, Heavy Metal, and Radioactive, Hitchhiker Particles. Seal Used Filters in Plastic Bags and Dispose of Properly. Avoid Contact With Black Material.

Benefits of Factory-Made Filters:

  • No Service Required for 18-48 months
  • Dirty, Loaded Filters May be Easily Exchanged. Not So Your Lungs, Heart, Bone Marrow and Brain.
  • Reduction in Asthma and Allergy Triggers
  • Filter-Trapping of Airborne PM2.5 Particles Carrying Toxic, Heavy Metal and Radioactive Hitchikers
  • Thereby Preventing Them From Being Inhaled and Carried by the Blood to Your Bone Marrow, Heart, and Brain where they Accumulate and Remain, Likely for the Rest of  Your Life.
  • Emerging Research Reveals that Filtration May Delay Onset of Alzheimer’s: PLEASE TRY IT Google PM2.5 and Alzheimer’s

Quick, Automatic Mold Prevention

  • SmartVentilation’s Automatic Humidity, Mold Prevention Controller Immediately Begins to Prevent Humidity From Rising Above 59.9% to Protect  Building Materials and Household Property From  Soaking Up Moisture and Becoming Moldy
  • An Air Conditioner’s Dehumidification Performance May Decline, Raising the Risk of Humidity and Mold. The SmartVentilation Master Control Panel Will Recognize It and Immediately Adjust Daisy Operation Appropriately to Prevent Mold