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Premium Daisy Ductless Fresh Air Filtration / Delivery Module


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  • Permit-Exempt Engineering / No Permitting Delays
  • Plug 'N Play  Engineering / No-Restoration
  • Unique Blue Boar Installation Rig / Dry, Dust-Free


Daisy Ductless

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Why work with us?

We studied to become experts in Radon Mitigation Science and Associated Technology. And we will gladly share our knowledge with you and anyone who asks.

It took us years of R&D to perfect the Premium Daisy Ductless Plug 'N Play Module, Filter, and Master Control Panel. We constantly upgrade each for even better performance and to continue to meet evolving ASHRAE Standards and the Florida Building Code.

We ensure that all parts remain available online at https://smartairstore.com.
Plug 'N Play Engineering makes repairs quick and easy for Homeowners as well as our technicians. We keep between 500 and 1,000 quality filters in stock at all times.

Check out the benefits 

High Performance Factory-Made MERV 14-15 Filter

SmartVentilation Type III High Performance Filter good for 12-24 months. Removes 95% of almost all harmful particles including PM 2.5, pollen, mold spores, red tide, and blue-green algae neurotoxins. Even smoke. Service from indoors or outdoors without tools.

Electronic Radon Level / Mold Prevention / Humidity Master Control Panel

SmartVentilation Master Control Panel for Humidity Control, Mold Prevention, and Radon Level Adjustment by Jeweler's Screwdriver in Small Hole to Right. Green Digits Reveal Airflow of about 21 cubic feet per minute.  Keeps indoor relative humidity from rising above 59.9% to prevent mold and to avoid adding a dehumidifier later.

EZ-Adjust Radon Level with Digital Radon Meter for High Accuracy

Accurate and Reliable Radon Meter with Audible Alarm Warning of System Failure. No batteries to go dead or corrode and damage the Instrument. Allows precise adjustment of Radon Level. This meter will allow very accurate adjustment of Daisy Ductless Radon Reduction Performance for years.


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What You’ll Get with a Daisy Installation

Confidence, Peace of Mind, and a Quick Closing
  • Radon Mitigation to Below USEPA Action Level of 4.0 pCi/l for years, not just for a two-day test. RADON METER SUPPLIED
  • Reduced health risk from outdoor smoke, PM2.5, asthma and allergy triggers while you are indoors, at home. Long Filter Life.
  • Indoor Humidity Control and Mold Prevention without having to add a dehumidifier later.
  • Improved Cognitive Function and Sleep for all Occupants, including pets. CLICK
  • Immediate Audible Warning of Radon / Fresh Air System Failure. No Blue Oil-Filled U-tube manometer that will lie to you.
  • EZ Adjustment of radon level within System Performance Limitations and an accurate meter to confirm the adjustment.

They Say

What They Say

I have always believed that a true test of a company or organization is when things go wrong and how they choose to rectify the situation.

I contacted SmartVentilation after testing my radon levels privately. My radon was over 6 pCi/L. Wayne Dean came to my home and discussed several options for the reduction of my radon and what would be effective for my home which is 2350 square feet. My wife and I are both into a healthy living and Wayne asked if we would like a carbon dioxide controller for our system.? We both were uneducated to carbon dioxide levels and its effect on sleep and overall health. Wayne suggested the Daisy Ductless system with and added carbon dioxide controller. The Daisy system brings in fresh air from outside and has a filter that removes about 95% of everything that would be negative to my family's health. The controller also monitors the humidity and will not allow my humidity to get over 60%. The installation process was quick and very neat with little disruption. As soon as we powered up the system, I was shocked to see my CO2 levels above 1100ppm! Within a day the levels dropped below 600ppm and based on the amount of occupants seldom goes over 700ppm and often drops to the low 500ppm range. Within a couple of days, my radon levels dropped below 3pCi/L and are now maintained at that level or lower. Not everything about my system was perfect as my wife and I were not satisfied with the noise output of my system, I expressed my disappointment to Wayne and he quickly found a solution and installed a new fan that is about a quiet as our refrigerator. I have always believed that a true test of a company or organization is when things go wrong and how they choose to rectify the situation. I am a four star rating person, I seldom rate anything 5 stars. Wayne was not going to be happy until I was happy. I highly recommend Smart Solutions and the Daisy Ductless system. I began by looking for reducing radon in my home and ended up with a system that has not only reduced radon levels but improved our overall indoor air quality tremendously. Buddy K. N Ft. Myers

Buddy K. N Ft. Myers

We have a radon system in our home and it was not working properly. We called Wayne Dean with SmartVentilation, Inc. to ask for his assistance. Wayne was very prompt in getting back to us and immediately confirmed that he can help us. Wayne fixed our radon system, with friendly and professional care. We are most grateful for his service and we are happy to report that our radon system in up and running perfectly. We highly recommend Wayne Dean with SmartVentiliation.


We had a Radon Test completed on May 6, 2019, that came in at 9.6 pCi/I on a property that we were going to closing on May 22, 2019. After receiving several estimates from other Mitigation Services (who all stated that they could not start the work until after the 2nd week in July) Wayne helped us out by meeting the same estimate and doing the install May 14, 2019. The post certification test came back with a 2.6 pCi/I Radon level, well below the EPA recommended standards. Because of Wayne, we are able to close on this property on-time. Wayne is very professional and I highly recommend using him for your Radon Mitigation needs.

frank ball, sr.

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